Arielle launched her own project based company in 2017 to develop a collection of work based on subject matters that Arielle feels are relevant to our present day. The company has been built on a foundation of true collaborative effort between Choreographer, Dancers and Artists alike.

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 Throughout 2017 Arielle Smith worked in collaboration with designer Max Nicholson-Lailey and five dancers on a research and development project 'The Things We've Done'.

 The work was built on a foundation of true collaborative effort, with the aim of showcasing young talented artists. The sharing of work had been developed from the notion of the human nature, the experiences we go through and the things that have shaped the world as we see it today. 


Lots Of Varied Expectations. - Resolutions - The Place

On the 14th of February 2018 the company did their first performance as part of Resolution Festival at The Place. 

The piece has eight performers, four men, four women and was created with the intention of challenging gender stereotypes and the expectations we have as an audience when we see either a man or woman on stage. Do we primarily see the sex of the person, does this bring a certain expectation and does that then become our limitation? The work seeks to demonstrate love in it’s many forms, pure and true without limitations


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Lots.Of.Varied.Expectations - Full length - coming soon....

Following a fantastic response from our performance at The Place the company is delighted to be extending the piece!

More information about our upcoming performances will be announced shortly...